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Privacy Policy

LEAPfast.com understands the concerns people have about privacy and safety while using the internet. This Privacy Policy explains what information we gather from visitors, how we use that information, and the steps we take to protect your privacy.

LEAPfast.com uses a secure firewall to keep out unauthorized users and ensure the integrity of our systems. We are vigilant about protecting our site from unwanted intrusions.

Cookies are used by LEAPfast.com, only to learn more about the way in which people use our site. We do not perform any individual analysis of this data and are not interested in individual information.

LEAPfast.com receives information from visitors through voluntary submission of information when completing the Requestor Form, Membership Registration Form and Inventory Management Form, and through the voluntary acceptance of cookies. LEAPfast.com will not collect information from you if you do not want us to collect it.

When membership purchases are made on our site, it's important that the information they enter is secure. That's why we use SSL encryption and digital certificates to verify transactions.

LEAPfast.com does not sell, trade, or otherwise release any personal information about our visitors, or it’s members. We respect your desire for privacy and protect any information you give us. Your information is safe with us!

If you have any questions at all about our Privacy Policy or our Web site, please send us a message. Thank you for visiting our site.