Locating Equipment and Parts ... Fast!!
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Locating Equipment And Parts ... Fast!

How It Works

Our goal is to locate equipment and parts faster than any other source available. We do NOT charge fees of any sort in your quest to find your equipment or parts. From the time you submit your request to the closing of that request, it’s all FREE !!

We have designed a special database that broadens a company’s inventory range, including items as small as a nut or bolt. When a customer submits a Request Form, we use this huge inventory database to help locate the equipment or parts they are searching for. Our system automatically sends out notices to companies that match the requested information. These requests are saved in the Requestor’s account, as well as the Member’s account. This so the request can be monitored and managed by both parties. Leapfast have also included a messaging system that allows both parties to communicate with each other privately about the request though the website.

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  • Required for sending request.
  • In the registration form you can select a Basic Account or a Membership Account.
  • Refer to the types of accounts below for more information on each.
  • When you submit a registration form, the site creates an “Account” for you based on the type you have selected.
  • It is our policy to protect our customers’ privacy. So the information that you provide in your account registration process will not be shared, sold or made public. With the exception of your company name, city, state and zip code, which are posted in each request form.

Basic Accounts:

  • Basic accounts are FREE !
  • This account is for submitting unlimited “Request Forms” to our members.
  • A “My Account” page is automatically created, that helps track activity of all request forms that you have submitted.
  • This account tracks all “Member” responses to your request.
  • You can communicate with members using our privacy protected message system, directly from the “My Account” page.

Membership Accounts:

  • Membership Accounts are for companies that wish to outline their entire inventory into our specially designed database.
  • A “Member Dashboard” is created for each member, to help manage their inventory, as well as request forms.
  • Members can view and respond to request forms they have received from their dashboard.
  • Members can communicate directly to a “Requestors” account, using our privacy protected message system, from their dashboard.

Multiple User Membership Accounts:

  • Multiple Membership accounts are for companies with separate departments that require different contacts when outlining their entire inventory.
  • Please contact your sales representative for details on setting up a multi-user account.
  • If you do not have or know who your sales representative is, please contact us.

Submitting a Request:

  • When a Request Form is submitted, our system searches our database for companies that have inventory matching the request.
  • It is important that the request form includes as much information as possible to ensure good responses from our members.
  • Companies that match a request, automatically receive an email copy of the request.
  • All requests can be viewed and responded to in the “My Account” or “Member Dashboard” pages.
  • The only information about you that the matching members can view is company name, city, state and zip code.
  • All other contact information is kept private unless you wish to share it with the member yourself


  • Our message system is designed to protect both parties privacy.
  • Initial contact and communications between Requestors and Members will be through our system using the options available on their My Account or Dashboard pages.
  • Communication outside of this website is voluntary between the Requestor and the Member.
  • Sharing contact information is at the discretion of the Requestor or Member.